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Under the laws of Georgia, school attendance is required for all children from age six to age sixteen. Schools must provide 180 days of instructional activity per year, in accordance with Georgia law and Georgia Board of Education Policy. 

Pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students should not have more than fifteen absences annually. If an elementary student does not meet the requirement, he/she must complete school work requirements and bring a written report from a doctor or present extenuating circumstances to the principal or designee within two weeks verifying the need for the absences. 

Middle and high school students should not have more than seven absences per semester. Middle and high school students who are absent more than seven days per semester may receive credit if the student adheres to the make up work provisions and brings a doctor's excuse or presents extenuating circumstances for the absences. Learner's permits or intermediates licenses which teenagers hold until the age of 18 will be suspended if a student drops out of school or has 10 or more days of unexcused absences in any semester. 

School principals are allowed to cancel classes for school sponsored non-instructional activities a total of three days per year. Students in grades 9 - 12 may be permitted to be absent from class 10 days per year for school-sponsored non-instructional activities. The three days provided for administrative, non-instructional activity are not included in the 10 days allowed for students. No one class period may be missed more than 13 times during the 180 day school year for school sponsored non-instructional activities.

Early ReleaseTop of Page

Only students enrolled in approved vocational or special education work-study programs shall be allowed early release. Special education students may be released only if it is so stipulated in their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). 

The above is an abbreviated version of the school system's compulsory attendance policy and is subject to change. Please check with the superintendent's office for more information on this policy.

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