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The Student Services Department consist of the following areas:

Dr. Lisa Moore, Director of Student Services
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Dr. Lisa Moore

Director of Student Services
McKinney Vento (Homelessness) Services Liaison

Darlene Jones

Enrollment / Residency Officer 

Reginald Sutton

Truancy Officer

Charlene Ray

Student Services Department Secretary

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Visit Student Resources for GSCS student information, resources and forms.

GSCS Guidelines for Student Attendance & GA DOE Student Attendance Protocol

Click HERE to view.

Bullying Procedures and Regulations & Student Code of Conduct

Click HERE to view Board Policy JCDAG: Bullying
Click HERE to view Regulation JCDA-R(4): Student Code of Conduct - Harassment, Intimidation, Threats

Grievances and Complaints

Click HERE for Board Policy KN
Click HERE for Complaint Procedure and Complaint Process
Click HERE for General Complaint Form
Click HERE for Harassment and Bullying Complaint Form

GSCS Strive for 95 Attendance Resources At-A-Glance

Click HERE to view downloadable resources.

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