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What is Child Find?
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In accordance with IDEA regulations, the Griffin-Spalding School System seeks to ensure that all disabled students (ages 3-21) who are in need of special education within its jurisdiction are identified, located, and evaluated, including those attending private school and home school.
How can children be referred?
A referral may be made by anyone who has a concern about a child's development. All referrals are considered confidential. The parent retains the right to refuse services.
Final identification of students with disabilities and programming for such students occurs only after an appropriate evaluation and a determination by a placement team. Once it is determined a student is in need of special education services, they may receive these services through the end of the semester in which they turn 22 years of age.
If the "child find" process indicates that a student may require special education and supportive services in order to benefit from regular education, the student shall be referred to the Placement Team to determine the student's eligibility for special education services.
If you know a child with a disability that is not being served, please notify:
Charles Kelley
Director, Department of Exceptional Students
770-229-3710 extension 10333

Public Notice - Child Find / Special Education Referral
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In accordance with Federal Regulations and State Board Rule 160-4-7.03 the Griffin-Spalding County School System has a responsibility to locate, identify and evaluate all children birth through age 21 that require special education and related services. All children who are suspected of having a disability and who are in need of special education are part of the child find process, regardless of age. This includes children who are:
  • Birth through age three who may or may not be referred to and served by the State’s early intervention program, Babies Can’t Wait
  • Preschool children, ages three through five, who may not be enrolled in Georgia funded prekindergarten program and kindergarten including children who are parentally placed in private preschools or daycare centers outside the school system
  • Children who are enrolled in public school in Spalding County
  • Children who are parentally placed in private and home schools
  • Highly mobile children, including migrant children
  • Children served in community programs such as rehabilitation center, daycare center, etc… or other municipalities
  • Any other children suspected of having a disability
For Children transitioning from the Babies can’t Wait Program, identification/evaluation and placement for continued special education services must be completed but the child’s third birthday. The Babies Can’t Wait Service Coordinator will coordinate the transition with the Griffin-Spalding County School system : Cresta Barber (770)229-3710 ext.: 10406 or
For Child Find information regarding the referral process for school age children age 6-21 years old, enrolled in the Griffin-Spalding County School System, a home school program or private school within Spalding County, please contact Dr. Kateisa Engram, Coordinator of Special Education at (770)229-3710 ext:10312 or

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