Griffin Spalding County School System Federal Programs
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The Federal Programs Department is responsible for administering, monitoring and providing technical assistance for Title programs under the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Director of Federal Programs
Barbara Alston, Ed. S. 
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Barbara Alston
Director of Federal Programs
770-229-3710 ext. 10360
Melinda Owens 
District Family and Community Engagement Specialist 
770-229-3710 ext. 10363
Marcus Garland
ARP ESSER III Programs Implementation Specialist
770-229-3710 ext. 10339
Marian Sorensen
Federal Programs Compliance Specialist
770-229-3710 ext. 10383
Pamela Ray, Ed. D. 
Federal Programs Summer School Specialist 
770-229-3710 ext. 10321

Title III Staff
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Chris Bearden, Ed. D.
Pre-K and Title III Programs Coordinator
770-229-3710 ext. 10395

Laurie Griffith
Pre-K and Title III Programs Clerk
770-229-3710 ext. 10399
Lisa Bates
ESOL Interpreter
770-229-3710 ext. 10327

Summer Learning and Acceleration Program 2022Top of Page

Ms. Hastings' students are working on word problems with fractions

Taking a break after work so hard

Dropping the students off with a smile

Say Cheese

Learning how to dissect a story

Learning how to add a subtract fractions

Breaking down the fraction on paper

Learning how to fix a sentence

Hands-on fixing a sentence