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Developing school leaders who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to effectively lead schools has become a critical goal for local school districts intent on dramatically improving student outcomes (Orr, King, LaPointe, 2010; Kelley, Peterson, 2002).

The goal of the Griffin-Spalding Quality Leader Academy is to increase student achievement by identifying, recruiting, supporting and preparing future and current school leaders; and developing and supporting them to become effective instructional leaders. The Griffin-Spalding Quality Leader Academy (QLA) is a locally created initiative that serves as the framework in which GSCS leaders will be trained and developed.

Ultimately, the Quality Leader Academy will help to ensure that the system will possess effective leadership at the building and district levels for years to come. Teacher leaders, assistant principals, induction and veteran principals, and district level leaders are the target audience for QLA.

The Quality Leaders Academy is a performance-based leadership development model that includes components for regional and school leader collaboration, identification, induction, mentoring, development, support and retention. The end result will be quality leadership who will maximize student achievement, teacher effectiveness and organizational effectiveness.

Quality Leaders Academy Cohort VII

Application is open from April 2, 2021, through April 13, 2021. 

Contact Dr. Stephanie Evans, Director of Strategic Management for more information.

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