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District Operations
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Welcome to the District Operations Division where we are committed to providing exceptional support for the daily activities and operation of the Griffin Spalding County School System through quality work and a customer service focus. The District Operations Division is composed of the following five areas: Maintenance and Facilities, Athletics, Nutrition, Administrative Technology, and Transportation.

We are striving to deliver and maintain a standard of service that includes the highest level of support, productivity, efficiency, and reliability. In doing this, it is the intent of the District Operations areas to ensure that we plan and execute in a manner that allows teaching and learning to be fully supported and ultimately lead to an environment conducive for learning. Please visit the pages for each department and contact our department directors who are highly skilled and prepared to assist in any way with questions or concerns pertaining to their areas of responsibility.

Executive Director
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Anthony Aikens
Mr. Aikens was the principal of Jordan Hill Elementary and has almost two decades of experience in the private sector.  His early career included retail, insurance, finance and manufacturing management.  He has also been an assistant principal in GSCS and in Crisp County and a mathematics teacher.  He holds bachelors and masters from Georgia Southwestern in mathematics (1998 & 2000), and an educational specialist in Leadership & Supervision from UGA (2002).  Mr. Aikens will be responsible for the smooth operation of transportation, food service, facilities & maintenance, technology, student services and athletics.

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Anthony Aikens
Executive Director of District Operations

Cathy Treadway
Executive Secretary
770-229-3700 ext. 10323

Bruce Ballard
Maintenance and Facilities Director

Eddie Payne
Athletic Director

Robert Wheeler
Nutrition Director

Anthony Blasingame
Administrative Technology Director

Todd Harris
Transportation Director

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