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  • For security reasons, we are asking that all bags be left at home.  Any bags brought into the gymnasium must be CLEAR and are subject to be searched by law enforcement

  • All participants are subject to a security checkpoint upon entrance including metal detectors

  • Entrance will open 45 minutes before tipoff

  • No re-entries will be allowed without a new ticket

  • No firearms or weapons allowed on school property

  • No tobacco, smoking or vaping allowed on school property

  • Alcohol is not permitted on school property

  • Behavior should meet the same expectations as during regular school hours. Students or fans that behave in a manner that does not meet school behavioral expectations will be subject to ejection from the gym, school discipline, and they will be banned from future games. (examples: throwing items, fighting, arguing loudly and creating a disturbance would all result in removal from the gym and being banned for the remainder of the season in addition to school-level discipline for students).  

GHS Parking & Information
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SHS Parking & Information
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parking map of SHS
SHS instructions for parking

Clear Bags Required
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For the quickest entry into the basketball games, we strongly recommend that you do not bring a bag to the game. If a bag is necessary, the bag must meet the following criteria in order to enter the gymnasium/venue:
Bags must be CLEAR plastic, vinyl or PVC and not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”. Bags cannot be tinted with color or include oversized content that prevents visibility into the clear bag. Clear book bags are acceptable for use as diaper bags for adults who have infants or toddlers. Small, pocket-sized wallets are allowable in a clear bag
Any type of non-clear bag will not be permitted. Exceptions will only be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection by security personnel. Please ask for assistance at the entrance.
Guests with non-complying bags can store their items in their car and return for entrance.

Frequently Asked Questions
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What happens if I show up at the gym entrance with a bag that is not permitted?
Prohibited bags will be turned away from the facility before they reach the entrance. There is no bag check so bags will need to be returned to your vehicle, out of plain sight.
Can I place my non-clear bag inside of a clear bag?
No. If a non-clear bag is placed inside of a clear bag, it will not be allowed in the venue. Small, pocket-sized wallets are allowable.
Is a tinted, but “see-through” bag allowed, if it meets the size restriction?
No. Color-tinted bags do not comply with the Clear Bag Policy.
Can patrons carry cameras, smartphones or other approved items separately from what they put in a clear bag?
Yes. Phones and cameras can be carried into the facility so long as it is not in their own bag.
Are diaper bags permitted?
Diapers and wipes can be carried in approved clear bags, however, non-clear diaper bags are not permitted. Persons with infants and toddlers may utilize a clear book bag as a diaper bag.
Additional questions should be directed to GSCS Athletic Director Eddie Payne at or your school athletic director (Griffin High - or Spalding High -

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