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Mission & Vision adopted by the Griffin-Spalding Board of Education on December 7, 2021

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Distinctive Brand. Strong Leaders. Great Schools.

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To empower each student to graduate college and career ready

Belief Statements
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Student Achievement:
We believe that promoting educational equity will advance academic achievement and support a well-rounded education for each student, empowering them to graduate ready to choose college or a career.
Family and Community Engagement:
We believe that cultivating collaborative engagement with families and the community will build and sustain positive relationships that lead to student success.
High Performing Staff:
We believe that investing in the growth of our employees will produce a high-performing and enduring staff who build positive relationships with students. 
Organizational and Operational Efficiency:
We believe that providing effective organizational structures and efficient operations will support the growth and retention of high-quality staff and excellent learning experiences for each student.

Our Non-Negotiables
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Be Professional 
Be Accountable
Communicate Effectively
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