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GSCS Teaching and Learning Frameworks
Our vision for instruction is that students read, write, speak and solve daily.
  1. The Teaching and Learning Frameworks reflect the rigor of the Georgia Standards of Excellence and require grade-level assignments daily and access to high-quality texts.
  2. Our balanced system of assessments allows students to demonstrate their understanding of their learning and for teachers to provide feedback to students and families on their progression towards meeting the standards and then to adjust instruction to meet the diverse needs of students.
  3. GSCS teachers use high yield instructional strategies to teach essential content in ways that address the varying learning needs of all students.
  4. GSCS teachers develop students’ college and career readiness skills by providing opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, reading, writing, and problem-solving.

Reading Improvement for Student Excellence (RISE)
Because reading is the gateway skill to further learning, GSCS will focus on early reading skills, foundational reading skills and disciplinary literacy skills. 
  1. Early Reading Skills - We will partner with our stakeholders to improve early reading skills through the Zero to Five Initiative so that students enter Kindergarten better prepared to read.
  2. Foundational Reading Skills -  With an emphasis on learning to read, these skills in grades K-2 include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.
  3. Disciplinary Literacy Skills  - With an emphasis on reading to learn, these skills in grades 3-12 include reading, writing and communicating across all disciplines. 
Strive for 95 Campaign
The purpose of the Strive for 95 Campaign is to improve student average daily attendance to at least 95% throughout GSCS- by implementing comprehensive strategies that effectively promote, communicate, model, and reinforce positive student attendance- in a manner that galvanizes GSCS stakeholders’ efforts and attention.
  • Implement comprehensive strategies to support improved student attendance outcomes throughout GSCS – through heightened awareness, responsive planning, and strategic actions.
  • Identify and deploy all relevant resources in a targeted manner, to support schools and families to overcome barriers that impede positive student attendance.
  • To partner with local external entities with the means and will to align our collective efforts for advancing resources, messaging, and assistance towards positive student attendance throughout GSCS.

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