Griffin Spalding County School System Wellness Implementation
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*The Triennial Assessment will be updated after school-site final progress result in May 2020
Seeking Community Participation & Support:
District Level Support & Input
The GSCS District Wellness Steering Committee's goal is to help support schools in implementing wellness goals at each school site. We hope to be a support by providing training and resources to schools that will enable school level wellness goals to be met. We encourage all community stakeholders to review our district wellness policy and to provide feedback/input on its implementation. Please contact the School Nutrition Director if you would like to submit your input or participate in the process. 
School Level Support & Input
All schools within GSCS have school wellness teams/committees. Each school would be more than happy to have parents or community members volunteer to help them in their wellness efforts. Please contact your local school principal to participate in building our students' health and wellness habits.