Griffin Spalding County School System Staff Directory
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Charles Kelley, Director of Department of Exceptional Students / 504
                                                                770-229-3710     EXT. 10333                                                          
Melanie Stansell, Coordinator of Department of Exceptional Students
770-229-3710     EXT. 10312
Contact for:
Cowan Road Elem.
Moreland Road
Carver Rd. Middle
Cowan Rd. Middle
Kristi Pritchard, District Supervisor / Transition Coordinator
770-229-3710     EXT. 10355
Contact for:
Anne St.
Rehoboth Rd. Middle
Griffin High
AZ Kelsey
Mindy Connolly, Compliance Lead on Special Assignment
Contact for:
Jackson Road
Jordan Hill
Kennedy Rd. Middle
Spalding High
Kirsten Krause, Department of Exceptional Students Department Secretary
770-229-3710     EXT.10493
Cynthia Sharp, Department of Exceptional Students Records Secretary
770-229-3710     EXT.10328
Fax: 770-227-0358
Diedre Vance-Collier, Department of Exceptional Students LEAD (SLP/VI/DHH)
Margaret Faulk, Department of Exceptional Students Preschool Lead / Child Find
770-229-3710 ext: 10421
Margaret Hammett, Occupational Therapist
Deborah Fleary, Physical Therapist    
Dr. Veronder Jones, School Psychologist
770-229-3700 ext: 10336
Robin Shepherd, School Psychologist
770-229-3700 ext: 10367
Heidi Kilby, School Psychologist
770-229-3700 ext: 10402
Mary Beth Hodgin, School Psychologist
770-229-3700 ext: 10330


Anne Street Elementary Lead Teacher
Atkinson Elementary Lead Teacher
Beaverbrook Elementary Lead Teacher
Cowen Elementary Lead Teacher
Crescent Elementary Lead Teacher
Futral Road Elementary Lead Teacher
Jackson Road Elementary Lead Teacher
Jordan Hill Elementary Lead Teacher
Moore Elementary Lead Teacher
Orrs Elementary Lead Teacher

Middle Schools

Carver Road Middle Lead Teacher
Cowan Road Middle Lead Teacher
Kennedy Road Middle Lead Teacher
Rehoboth Middle Lead Teacher

High Schools

Griffin High Lead Teacher
Spalding High Lead Teacher
AZ Kelsey Lead Teacher