Griffin Spalding County School System Psychological Services
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How We Can HelpTop of Page

  • Consult with Student Support Teams, school administration, school counselors, and parents regarding circumstances involving  individual  students.
  • As requested by school personnel, consult with individual teachers regarding effective strategies for helping students learn more efficiently. 
  • Work with other school system personnel to develop programs to help prevent learning and behavioral difficulties in the classroom.
  • Conduct thorough psychoeducational evaluations for students referred to Psychological Services by Student Support Teams and IEP Teams.
  • Participate in individual and group counseling sessions as requested by school personnel.
  • Intervene in crisis situations as needed.
  • Develop and lead parent groups involving such topics as effective discipline, study skills, grandparenting, and understanding various disorders including ADHD, anxiety, and depression.  
  • Provide information for system-wide initiatives and programs.
  • Participate in professional development activities that contribute to the excellence of services provided by the school system.
  • Consult with school psychologists from other school systems regarding the needs of students transferring in and/or out of system.
  • Collaborate with outside agencies to provide necessary support to students.