Griffin Spalding County School System Pre-K
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Welcome to the Griffin-Spalding County Pre-Kindergarten program! We look forward to working together with your family to prepare your children for kindergarten. The GSCS Pre-K program has 21 classes located in the system’s 11 elementary schools. Each class has a lead teacher and an assistant teacher all of whom are trained to work with the special needs of 4 year olds and their families.

Our Overall Objectives are: Health – No child should exit the Pre-K program with an undetected condition that could hinder his/her ability to learn. Child Development – Families will have knowledge of their child’s development and become involvement in their child’s educational experience. Kindergarten Readiness – Children exiting the Pre-K program will be prepared for success in kindergarten.

The Pre-K program is an optional program in Georgia. Therefore, by choosing to place your child in Pre-K, you are agreeing to support the program through: Ensuring your child attends school daily Ensuring your child arrives on time and does not leave early Supporting your child’s teacher in your child’s behavior management. Reading and signing your child’s agenda each night. Attending the twice yearly parent conferences as well as other conferences which may be needed throughout the year. Communicating with the Pre-K teachers about any questions or concerns you may have. Becoming an active participant in your child’s education through home and school involvement.

The GSCS Pre-K is a part of the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning Bright from the Start Pre-K program. Information about Bright from the Start may be accessed through the website...

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Dr. Chris Bearden
Pre-K and Title III Coordinator
ext. 10395
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