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We are planning endorsements for FY23! Please attend an endorsement opportunity session this month. Sign up in Kickup!

 Department of Professional Learning
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Professional Learning is designed to improve the professional practice of certified staff and classified staff leading to high performing staff. Collaborative efforts with all stakeholders are used to design, implement, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of professional learning experiences. The Professional Learning Task Force meets multiple times during the year to review and update the district-wide professional learning plan, evaluate, analyze data and discuss all aspects of this intense work.  All  employees have membership in the national organization Learning Forward to support professional learning needs. We are excited about adding this valuable resource to support the work of professional learning within our district. For the 2021.2022 year, we will implement a new PD Management system call Kick Up to replace the PD Express platform.
1) All employees should complete the annual GSCS professional learning needs assessment no later than January 31, 2022. It is aligned to our new strategic plan goal areas. 
2) FY22 Updated Out of County Professional Leave Form Released January 4, 2022
3) Endorsement Opportunity Sessions January 20th and 24th Sessions-Register in Kickup
4) PL Task Force Meeting-February 8, 2022
5) Global PD Mini Courses Available to account holders
6) Access Free Instructional Resources through Learning Forward District Membership open to all GSCS employees. 

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Professional Learning Director
770-229-3700 ext. 10305
For Kickup
Twanya Frazier
Follow PL Department on  Twitter: @gscsprolearning


Submit inquiries, comments, concerns using this link.

PL Task Force

Standards Training for New Administrators

RCD Math Training for New Teachers

RCD Training

PL Task Force Data Team Meeting

RCD Math Training for New Teachers

RCD Training

Standards for PL Training

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GSCS PL Needs Assessment Survey QR Code

GSCS certified and classified employees are able to give input regarding professional learning and training for the upcoming year. The needs assessment survey is structured around the four goal areas of the new strategic plan. The survey is open all GSCS employees.