Griffin Spalding County School System Gifted Services
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Our schools are dedicated to the concept that every student has the right to an education that provides opportunities for the maximum development of his/her potential.  We recognize that some students in our schools have capabilities that are beyond those of their age peers.  The school system encourages, fosters, and supports educational efforts that meet provisions for the special needs of gifted learners.

Resource Links for Parents/Guardians with Gifted and Talented ChildrenTop of Page

  MENSA for Kids                                                           Gifted Child Today
  Parenting Gifted Kids                                                   Acceleration Institute
  Hoagies' Gifted Education Page                                    Georgia Association for Gifted Children

GSCS Gifted Education Parent Information Night - February 3, 2020 HandoutsTop of Page

          PowerPoint Cover with stock photo of children     

                                         Characteristics of Gifted Children

                                         Myths About Gifted Students

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