Griffin Spalding County School System Physical Science Websites
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Forensics - Chemistry:Top of Page

"Tales from the Poisoner's Handbook," which is available via streaming on ( My forensics students routinely give it the highest compliment that a student can give a documentary -- "I'd watch this on my own." I actually had students who were absent watch it on their own before they even came back to class, just on the word of mouth from their friends in the class.

Interactive Physical Science Demonstrations/Labs

Science Kids seems most appropriate for elementary students, K-2, interactive to help explain various concepts. Has life, physical and earth science topics

Bill Nye’s site. This link goes directly to resources.

Physics for Kids - Lots of basic physical science concepts presented.

Followed by Chemistry for Kids

Not by the same person, but it has information on optics/light

Edheads has various activities from which to choose and is interactive

From Learning Science site:

This site has a variety of activities for earth, life, and physical science.

Designed for grades 5-12, has lessons for earth, life, and physical. Has a search tool with several useful parameters to meet your needs.

Electromagnetic spectrum from NASA

Energy Quest Interactive - Lower level  This is from California so references about energy consumption focus on that state but other information is good.

Electricity & Magnetism - Links to various information about electricity including how things work, definitions and java tutorials to use. Ensure you have that capability if you want students to use that part. Lots of other information though on the site that is readily accessible.

The Exploratorium in San Francisco has many resources on their site. Check out this section.

The Periodic Table - click on the element to obtain information about the element.

Great site for studying simple machines.

Scholastic’s site for reviews of various science concepts. Move through the topics to get a list under the category you want to explore.

Science in the news

Museum of Science and Industry

The Atom’s Family from the Miami Museum of Science

Roller Coaster Physics

Los Alamos National Laboratory Site

High School Physics and above

Force and motion for the new driver

Physics 2000 from Colorado - Higher level, may help your understanding also. I’ve used it before but check it out as I am not always successful in getting it to download.

For climate and energy lessons, try this site with lots of resources.

Simple Machines Used in Elevators