Griffin Spalding County School System Zero to Five Initiative
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Innovative Summer Activities for the Entire Family Top of Page

           Griffin-Spalding County Library Summer Program 
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Zero to Five Developmental Booklets
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Click HERE to view the English version.
Click HERE to view the Spanish version.

Newsletters - Zero to Five Messenger
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       English Versions -   FALL       WINTER    SUMMER
       Spanish Versions -  FALL       WINTER    SUMMER

Math & Science Early Learning Strategies Presentation (Click slide to view)Top of Page

Zero to Five In Action!Top of Page

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Click to select an picture... JROTC students standing smiling in a group                               

Zero to Five Partners Welcome Back Letter
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Upcoming Events
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Kindergarten Readiness QR Code Links to the Home Activities and Videos Listed BelowTop of Page

     ENGLISH                                    ESPANOL

Foundations Of School Success Kindergarten Readiness Home Activities and VideosTop of Page

  Communicates Needs and Thoughts -  ACTIVITY  -  VIDEO
  Demonstrates Independence - ACTIVITY -  VIDEO             
  Follows Rules and Routines -   ACTIVITY  -  VIDEO
  Plays With Peers   -                  ACTIVITY  -  VIDEO                   
  Solves Problems  -                   ACTIVITY  -  VIDEO
  Uses Fine Motor Control  -       ACTIVITY  -  VIDEO
  Uses Senses   -                        ACTIVITY  -  VIDEO

English Language Arts Kindergarten Readiness Home Activities and VideosTop of Page

  Recognizes Upper & Lower Case Letters  -  ACTIVITY - VIDEO
  Differentiates Sounds  -              ACTIVITY - VIDEO                             
  Draws Pictures, Letters & Numbers  -  ACTIVITY - VIDEO
  Follows Multi-Step Directions  -           ACTIVITY - VIDEO                   
  Tracks Words -                   ACTIVITY - VIDEO
  Uses Spoken Language  -  ACTIVITY - VIDEO                          
  Uses Writing Tools  -          ACTIVITY - VIDEO

Math Kindergarten Readiness Home Activities and VideosTop of Page

   Counts 10 Objects -       ACTIVITY - VIDEO
   Counts to 20 -                ACTIVITY - VIDEO
   Recognizes Numbers -   ACTIVITY - VIDEO
   Recognizes Shapes -     ACTIVITY - VIDEO
   Sorts and Classifies -     ACTIVITY - VIDEO

Preparacion para Kindergarten - ESPANOLTop of Page