Griffin Spalding County School System SPLOST IV Information
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School SPLOST vote set for March 6, 2012Top of Page

As school SPLOST III is set to conclude June 30, 2012, the board of education has approved a School SPLOST IV referendum to go to Spalding County voters on March 6, 2012.

School SPLOST III is on target to complete projects underway and meet debt service requirements. Projects that have been completed or are in progress include Rehoboth Road Middle School construction, Jordan Hill Elementary, Cowan Road Elementary and Memorial Stadium renovations, the Spalding High School addition, and the Griffin High School 3-year renovation.

School SPLOST IV revenue is projected to be $25,200,000, which is based upon the current collection of $700,000/month. School SPLOST IV would be on a pay-as-you-go system with no bond debt.

It would provide for heavy maintenance and renovation of various facilities and instructional technology improvements and upgrades to infrastructure, equipment, and support to take advantage of digital age opportunities.

In light of the current economy, the school SPLOST IV is for 3 years only to include immediate facility and technology priorities. The priority list follows the basic outline of the local 5-year facility plan approved by the board of education earlier this year.

Schools with lower priority list items can be added to a future project list.

Superintendent and others continue to speak to groups on school SPLOSTTop of Page

Posted 2/16/12

With the 55th presentation on the School SPLOST completed, school employees and
community members continue to inform citizens that the penny SPLOST on the March 6 ballot is not a new tax and is for school facilities and technology over the next three years.

1 Penny School SPLOST:
  • Spalding County voters will vote on a referendum on March 6, (during the presidential primary) to continue the current 1 penny sales tax for schools.
  • The $25.2 million School SPLOST addresses school facility improvements and
    classroom technology for 3-year period.
  • The School SPLOST is a pay as-you-go system with no bond package or debt issuance.
  • Currently, the state of Georgia does not fund instructional technology for schools.
  • School SPLOST projects are part of a 5-year facility plan submitted & approved by the Georgia Department Education.
  • Past School SPLOST projects have:
    • Renovated 10 schools, Griffin Auditorium & Memorial Stadium
    • Built 2 elementary schools
    • Built 4 middle schools
    • Built 1 high school & additions