Griffin Spalding County School System About Us
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Mission & Vision adopted by the Griffin-Spalding Board of Education on October 6, 2015

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The vision of the Griffin-Spalding County School System is to be an agent of change, transforming our students 
into future-ready learners and contributing members of society.

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Empower students to graduate college and career ready.

BeliefsTop of Page

  • Effective and invested staff have a great impact on student learning.
  • All students will learn.
  • In a safe and secure environment for our schools.
  • In continuous improvement.
  • Students find success when schools are effective, families are involved and communities are engaged.
  • All stakeholders are accountable in/for the education of our students.
  • A quality public education can transform individuals and communities.

Our Non-Negotiables:
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Be Professional 
Be Accountable
Communicate Effectively